Should your Employee Records Be Paperless?

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Should your Employee Records Be Paperless?

Did you know that the law only protects employee records and personal information held by government agencies, not private companies? While legal standards may not require companies to handle their employee’s personal information with care, ethical standards do. In this day and age, it is very important that private businesses protect their sensitive data. It is necessary for the security of both the employees and the consumers.

Casually discarding company information, whether that be personal employee information or company trade information, shows a disregard for both the employees and the business. Inspiring a safe atmosphere for business dealings should be a top priority for any organization. So, what’s the best way to keep employee records, physically or digitally?

Storing Employee Records Physically

Physical upkeep of records can be a lot of work but does have its benefits. While physical and tangible access to files when you need them is convenient, it’s important to have security measures in place to keep these files safe. Physical employee records need to be kept in a locked or secure place to decrease the likelihood of unauthorized access.

If records are stored in a safe place, it’s difficult to decide who has access to the key and how many key copies are produced. What if only one person has access to a key and the key is misplaced? Or, what if someone loses their key or allows an unauthorized person to utilize it? While it may seem safer to have physical files because it eliminates the possibility of a data breach via hacking, in fact, there is still considerable security risk attached to storing data this way.

In addition, misplaced physical employee records can be a major security concern. Not only can confidential information land in the wrong hands, but the information can be lost and no one will have access to a backup.

Digital Employee Records Storage

Though digital records are subject to attacks from online hackers, it is often much more secure to store employee records digitally instead of physically. There are a variety of different software systems and other safeguards that employers can utilize to keep files safe. In addition, passwords can be created to track who is accessing certain information or limit access as necessary.

In addition to safety, digital records can be as easier to access than physical files. Users can retrieve records on secure networks from different computers and don’t require one single physical place for access. Plus, large amounts of digital records can be kept without taking up the space tangible files do. This can help with organization and ease of finding necessary documents.

Make the Storage Switch Today

If you are ready to make the transition from physical to digital files, Greenway can help with the transition. We offer document destruction services that are designed to protect your company’s sensitive information while practicing environmental responsibility. In addition, we can do regular, scheduled pickups or large, periodic clean outs. We provide Certificates of Destruction after each service so you can feel confident in our services. All our document destruction services are HIPAA-Compliant for your convenience.

If you are looking for a way to destroy physical files after moving over to a digital employee records storage system, contact the professionals at Greenway Shredding & Recycling today!