Trust the Shredding Process – How We Shred

shredding process

Trust the Shredding Process – How We Shred

At Greenway shredding, we offer an automated shredding process that provides a sense of safety and convenience for our clients. Our automated service works with your schedule to organize regular pickups weekly, biweekly, or monthly – whichever works best for your schedule. Why? Because providing safe and simple destruction services for your business shouldn’t be a hassle. You can trust our process because we have perfected it to create a simple yet successful solution for businesses looking to safely destroy a wide variety of different secure documents.

Here’s our shredding process:

#1: Disposal in a Greenway Secure Console

We don’t leave security up to chance while you wait for your next pickup. Greenway provides all of our clients with a secure console for documents that are ready for reliable disposal. These locked boxes provide peace of mind for users and remove the need to invest in a safe or secure lock box to utilize for confidential documents that you want to destroy. Plus, documents that are placed in our consoles do not have to have paperclips, binder clips, or staples removed in order for proper destruction – making it that much easier to simply dispose of documents.

#2: We Come to You, At Your Convenience

Greenway’s experienced, friendly, and reliable driver collects your material for shredding. We pride ourselves in our commitment superior value with efficient and trustworthy services, providing a sense of security with our clients. As previously mentioned, we can organize regular pickups weekly, biweekly, or monthly, dependent on your shredding needs. Convenience is a huge part of our shredding process – why make something so simple more complicated?

#3: Destruction with a State-of-the-Art Shredder

We have written before about the different varieties of shredders available, and ours is state-of-the-art. Our shredders use cross-cut shredder technology to cut documents diagonally from both directions. These shredders can cut a single piece of paper 10 to 20 times more than a strip-cut shredder, the most common kind of shredder founds in offices. This level of shredding ensures our clients that there documents are destroyed and their security will not be compromised.

#4: Certificate of Destruction

Our “Certificate of Destruction” is our official word to you. It is an official letter that we provide our clients to deliver written proof of our destruction process. Whether this document is necessary for security purposes or just for peace-of-mind, we are so sure of the security of our process that we are willing to offer this after every service. These certificates will describe the process so you can be certain your confidential information is safe and has not been compromised.

#5: We Recycle!

Yes, Greenway is proud to include recycling in our shredding process. We ship all of our destroyed documents to a pulp mill for recycling – which reduces waste! Time and time again studies have shown undeniable environmental benefits from recycling, including less waste being sent to landfills, less energy used to create new products, and less trees being utilized for paper products. Be a part of the recycling revolution simply by trusting Greenway with your shredding needs!

Start Your Shredding Process Today

Didn’t realize there were so many steps to shredding? Don’t worry, you only have one step to think about – call Greenway! We can provide simple, safe, and regular shredding and document destruction for your confidential documents. Greenway’s document destruction services help protect your company’s sensitive information while practicing environmental responsibility. We offer fast, friendly, and reliable paper shredding. It’s more than our business- it’s our mission and commitment to 100% customer satisfaction. Start the process today!