Can a Clean Desk Policy Help with Security?

clean desk policy

Can a Clean Desk Policy Help with Security?

With more sophisticated methods surfacing for stealing private data, some people are quick to forget how simple it can be to snag confidential information in the form of physical records. With employees keeping various documents on their desks and in unlocked physical files, could your company benefit from a Clean Desk Policy?

A Clean Desk Policy originally referred to the practice of purging any confidential information. It included discarding physical clutter from one’s desk at the end of a workday. However, with remote workplaces becoming commonplace in today’s society, the term has expanded to include a tidy cyberspace to safeguard companies from threats of data breaches.

What does a Clean Desk Policy Entail?

Originally, clean desk policies referred to organizing or discarding any folders, documents, binders, and files with sensitive information included. In addition, sticky notes, business cards, and USB drives should be securely stored or disposed of as well. This practice helps keep a professional and clean look to an employee’s workspace. It also reduces the risk of stolen information from physical records left on a desk.

As previously mentioned, since the shift into hybrid workspaces, or working both from home and in the office, a clean desk policy has expanded to include a clean cyberspace. This means utilizing secure Wi-Fi networks and properly locking down a computer after use to reduce the risk of stolen data.

What are the Benefits of a Clean Desk Policy?

The biggest benefit a business can have from a clean desk policy is increased data security. However, there are a wide range of advantages for the employees as well. Increased efficiency and reduced stress are two of the biggest bonuses of regularly cleaning. According to a study, disorganized employees spend an average of 2 hours a day looking for misplaced information. Regular cleaning can reduce the time spent looking for information. It can also provide employees with more time to get other tasks completed.

In addition to time savings, a clean desk can positively affect employee morale. A clean, organized desk can reduce stress and make personnel feel more efficient and in control of their environment. In addition, clients that come into the office will view workers as trustworthy, organized, and presentable. This will help instill confidence. Finally, the increased efficiency that comes with a clean desk can also have a positive effect on morale.

How Can Greenway Shredding Help?

When an employee is ready to clean their desk off, it helps to have a secure disposal system in place to properly destroy documents. Greenway Shredding can provide your company with a customized shredding schedule to comply with your clean desk policy. Between pickups, locked consoles in your office provide a secure way to dispose of documents.

In addition, we will destroy data utilizing our cross-cut shredding technology, offer a secure chain-of-custody, and provide a certificate of destruction after each service. We can ensure that your company’s sensitive information is properly disposed of while practicing environmental responsibility. Contact Greenway Shredding today to get started in the right direction and improve your clean desk policy.