The Benefits of Shredding

benefits of shredding

The Benefits of Shredding

Today, shredding is more commonplace than ever. It is important to protect your company’s, employee’s, and client’s information. One simple way to ensure that protection is through shredding. Many courts have ruled that once you place your material into a trashcan, recycling receptacle, or dumpster, you lose all privacy rights to that information. That’s why shredding can be a vital tool for a variety of businesses. Today, we will explore the many benefits of shredding and why your company should consider it as a solution.

#1 – Privacy Compliance

As we have mentioned before in a previous blog, privacy compliance is one of the biggest benefits of shredding. Businesses often find that they are bound to several privacy compliance standards dependent on the industry in which they work. Some of the most common standards include the FACTA Privacy Compliance, HIPAA Compliance, the GLBA Act, and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. While these can be intimidating to businesses, they are extremely important in the protection of information and can be costly to violate.

Secure document destruction through a shredding service can help businesses alleviate the possibility of a physical data breach and can therefore help them be compliant with these standards. Secure disposal consoles allow for safe storage until proper removal of documents. After shredding, a “Certificate of Destruction” can be provided for added peace of mind for businesses. It’s simple – shredding helps companies stay compliant.

#2 – Convenience and Cleanliness

Oftentimes, when documents are digitized and physically destroyed, it leads to a more convenient and clean office space. Increased efficiency and reduced stress are two of the biggest bonuses of a regularly cleaned space. When the clutter of physical files is removed from a space, employees spend less time looking for documents and have more time to get other tasks completed.

In addition, a clean office that doesn’t have paperwork and clutter throughout is visually more appealing to customers that may come in to visit. Clients that come into the office will view workers as trustworthy, organized, and presentable. This will help instill confidence in the working relationship.

#3 – Environmental Responsibility

When a document is destroyed by Greenway, the shredded paper is then sent to a papermill to be recycled into usable paper products. This not only reduces the waste that is sent to landfills, but it can also reduce on the number of trees that are used to produce new paper products.

Americans use 85,000,000 tons of paper per year. For the record, that’s A LOT of cubic yards of landfill space. Not to mention how many trees it takes to produce that amount of paper. It takes 17 trees to make one ton of paper. If you do the math, that is A LOT of trees to produce the amount of paper used annually. By utilizing recycled paper products, your business can support environmental responsibility and reduce on waste.

Reap the Benefits of Shredding

If you are ready to enjoy the many benefits of shredding, contact Greenway Shredding. As a family-run business, we provide superior value with efficient, friendly, reliable, and trustworthy services. Not only can we keep your business privacy compliant, but we can also do it in a convenient and environmentally responsible way. Contact us today to start reaping the shredding benefits!