5 Things to Look for in a Shredding Service

5 Things to Look for in a Shredding Service

5 Things to Look for in a Shredding Service

Keeping your personal or business information secure should be a priority. Regardless of the industry, you are ensuring that the sensitive information of your employees and business is completely destroyed. That’s why choosing a shredding service is an important decision that shouldn’t be overlooked. It can feel like an overwhelming decision if you don’t know what to look for in a shredding company.

Can You Trust Shredding Services?

In many cases, yes. If you do thorough research on the document shredding services in your local area. Start with their website, read reviews, and/or ask your friends and co-workers.  If you still have questions about a shredding company, contact them and ask your questions. You do not want your or your employee’s personal or work information compromised because you didn’t dig deep enough into a company.

Qualities to look for in Document Shredding Services

When you’re looking for shredding services, you want the best for your customers, employees, and yourself. Here are our top five key aspects to look for and consider when researching local shredding services.

  1. Recycle the Waste

Paper waste can impact the environment. Checking that the company properly recycles the waste is important. It is an added step to ensure your files are destroyed and helps your company’s environmental footprint. Read more on the environmental benefits here.

  1. Follows HIPPA Compliance Laws

60% of hospitals in the US have had at least two breaches. It is crucial that the company you choose to shred your confidential medical information is secure and helps you comply with the latest legislation. This will help your medical company avoids fines that could be upwards of $1 million.

  1.  Certificates of Destruction

When you are trusting a company to destroy your documents, if they do not provide you with a document of destruction once it is complete, you should not go with them. A document of destruction states that the appropriate security precautions were used, no third party had access to your documents, and their document destruction technology was used on the files.

what is a certificate of destruction

  1. Secure Chain of Custody

There is no reason documents should fall into unknown and untrusted third-party custody. From collection to destruction, your sensitive documents should only be in trusted hands. Limiting access to secure consoles, documents, shredding equipment, and document waste reduces the risk of compromising your information significantly.

  1. NAID Member AAA Certified

Check if the shredding service you are using or plan to use is a member of The National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) and AAA certified. This is an indicator that a company, like Greenway Shredding & Recycling, is compliant with all known data protection laws and has undergone scheduled and surprise audits conducted by trained security professionals.

Greenway Shredding and Recycling


Finding a trusted shredding company can be a daunting task with so much at risk. Greenway Shredding & Recycling has decades of industry experience and is committed to providing superior value with efficient, friendly, reliable, and trustworthy services. Offering scheduled, on-time shreds, and walk-in services, you can make the choice that is right for both your schedule and your budget.


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