Document Shredding Tips- Preparing for a Secure Shredding Service

Secure Document Shredding

Document Shredding Tips- Preparing for a Secure Shredding Service

A clean office could increase productivity by at least 5%. It also improves impressions and can boost your mood.  In addition to a cleaner workplace and a happier disposition, you can benefit the environment. Given the state of the world today, we should all do our share to protect the environment, and document shredding is one way to do so. The shredded papers get recycled to make paper again, which is an excellent way to save trees and help the environment.

Sorting documents by importance should be your first step. After classifying your documents, you must:

  • Look up or scan the documents that you want to keep.
  • Store your digital files in a safe place.
  • Shred the physical documents you do not need.


 Why is Document Shredding Essential?

In 2016, a record high of 15.4 million consumers in the United States had $16 billion stolen from them due to identity fraud! In addition, confidential information about your company and clientele is generally accessible to  other businesses. To protect this information, paper shredding services are a reliable and safe solution. This can save your business, clients and employees time and money.

Stats regarding secure document shredding


Top 5 Tips for Document Shredding:

  1. Assess and evaluate your needs: Before shredding documents, you must consider and assemble a checklist of which documents you need to shred and which you need to keep.
  2. Regularly shred documents: Organizations must put a company-wide shredding policy into practice as part of their information security initiatives. Shred strategically by implementing a plan and sticking to it.
  3. Shred on a schedule: Shred outdated documents when possible: daily, weekly, or monthly. Regular shredding can help prevent large accumulations of documents.
  4. Follow the rules diligently: Specific restrictions about document shredding and record-keeping might apply depending on your regulatory environment and niche. Make sure you are aware of the regulations you must abide by, understand the function of digital storage, and prepare for the possibility that paper records may need to be destroyed.
  5. Create a disaster recovery plan: Create a disaster recovery plan for the unexpected. It ensures that:
  6. You have digital access to documents that you need 24/7.
  7. Your essential and confidential documents are scanned and imaged correctly.


What makes professional shredding better than an officer shredder?

Professional shredding will be significantly more secure compared to using an office shredder. The average office shredder will turn documents into neat strips of paper that a determined criminal can piece back together.  In fact, these paper strips reveal to criminals the specific documents you value most. With a professional shredder, documents will be destroyed rather than just damaged. Completely destroying documents ensures no one is accessing your data.

Office shredders have limited ability and can only handle so much paperwork. In addition, they are not equipped to deal with staples and paperclips. Any stray staples have the potential to jam or even break an office shredder, which can be costly and stressful.

Professional shredders can handle large amounts of paperwork at once and can easily manage staples, paperclips, and bindings.  Professional shredders also offer customer service, which can make the shredding experience much more pleasant, as anyone who’s struggled with a defunct office shredder in the past already knows.

While it’s always a good idea to shred your documents, even if it’s only with an office shredder, shredding professionally has distinct advantages. You’ll have a cleaner workspace, but more importantly, you’ll feel more confident and at ease knowing your data is secure.


Finding a trusted shredding company can be daunting with so much at risk. However, Greenway Shredding & Recycling has decades of industry experience and is committed to providing superior value with efficient, friendly, reliable, and trustworthy services. Offering scheduled, on-time shreds, and walk-in services, you can make the right choice for both your schedule and your budget.

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