Investing in a Shredding Company Saves You Time and Money

Investing in a Shredding Company Saves You Time and Money

When it comes to shredding, some companies see it as a do- it- yourself project. The reality is shredding documents correctly requires certain equipment, time, and resources. There are certain qualifications that shredded documents must meet, depending on the industry. Companies shredding their own documents leaves them open to security issues if there are any data breaches or shredding that does not meet compliance requirements. In all, it costs more money to handle shredding yourself than to invest in a professional shredding company.

From keeping sensitive information secure, to saving your employees time, using a professional shredding company saves you time and money. There are many reasons to choose to use a professional shredding company instead of companies disposing of their own documents.

Why Hire a Professional Shredding Company?

  • Compliance- Depending on the industry, there are various compliance regulations that shredding must meet. If you don’t have experience in shredding, it can be very easy to miss the regulations.
  • Data Security- Shredding is the best way to dispose of documents with sensitive information. When these documents are not disposed of correctly, it leaves the company open to data and security issues. A data breech can incur a large cost, due to fines and lawyer fees. It won’t only cost your company financially—it can also cost your clients’ trust. A document shredding service will use the latest technology and equipment to ensure that the documents are securely disposed of. Greenway will also provide you with a Certification of Destruction to prove that all documents have been disposed of.
  • Avoid Human Error- When individuals are destroying documents, there is always a chance for human error. There are various stages of the shredding process that leave the employee open to making an error. When using a professional shredding service the liability of ensuring proper and complete document destruction is no longer on the company or their employees.
  • No Equipment Necessary- In order to shred documents correctly, there is certain shredding equipment that is required. The standard shredders that can be bought at an office supply store cannot sustain a large amount of documents in a timely fashion. Eventually this equipment will need to be replaced or repaired. Working with a professional shredding service eliminates the time, money, and stress that can come with the upkeep of personal shredding equipment.
  • Save Time and Money- While shredding your own documents may sound like the best option, the amount of time and money that goes into properly destroying documents makes hiring a professional shredding company worth the cost. If an employee is in charge of document destruction, that is using their company time that could be allotted to other projects.

Save Your Business Time and Money

The costs of personally handling document destruction can be much higher in reality than expected. Between the liability on the company due to data security and compliance regulations, the amount of time it takes to properly destroy the documents, and how expensive the equipment can be, it is a more cost- effective option to hire a professional shredding company. Greenway Shredding and Recycling is here for all your document destruction needs.