Greenway Shredding & Recycling Crusade Program

Greenway Shredding and Recycling is a proud supporter of the WHAS Crusade for Children.

After launching Greenway in 2012, Louisville natives Jim and David Borgmann felt that they could utilize the business to give back to the community. In 2013, the designed and launched their WHAS Crusade for Children donation initiative. This program was a great way to provide their services to fellow Kentuckiana residents while raising money for an important local cause. To date, Greenway has collected nearly $100,000 for WHAS Crusade for Children through this program.

How does it work? Local community members can bring in material that they need destroyed, and Greenway will shred and dispose of it properly. Rather than a shredding fee, all the business asks for is a donation to the Crusade. There is no minimum donation requirement and no cap on how much material you can bring in—so you can donate what you are able and destroy as much as you need! “There’s not a household in this town that doesn’t have information in it that you don’t want to send out into the trash.” Jim Borgmann told WHAS. “So, this was just something we wanted to do for the Crusade.”

Have documents you need destroyed? Come on into Greenway Monday- Friday from 8am-5pm to have those taken care of while giving back to the community.

Proud supporter of the WHAS Crusade for Children.

Find the Crusade online: https://www.whascrusade.org/